The first priority is fast response time:

24/7 is our formula against manufacturing downtimes

24/7 Service

phone +49 4101 7942-0

Service starts for us with the first telephone call

A system problem is not interested in the time of day, weekends or even public holidays. We know how important it is that our service can be contacted around the clock. We therefore do not use the services of an anonymous call centre for our 24/7 readiness. When you contact FAS you also have a specialist on the telephone even outside the classical operating hours. In this way, we can ensure that sudden system downtimes do not cause time delays and that the right questions can already be asked at the initial contact and/or the first technical measures can be discussed directly.

Reliability and global logistics are the key

The FAS organisation is always prepared for emergencies. This concerns not only the provision of very specific spare parts but also the availability of the service teams who can be, when required, immediately despatched to any affected operation location worldwide. An important role is hereby played by shipping logistics, which is individually tailored to every emergency.

Newly developed modification set for Fillers with interior filling valves

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