Experience reports from FAS Füllanlagenservice

Ideas for conversion or retrofit

Conversion of a used filler and integration into a new line

The customer had bought a used Hansa B121/20SV-104 filler model from O+H with a filling capacity of 35,000 bottles per hour. This filling system was previously blocked with a rinser so that the entire area of the infeed worm as well as the associated drive and the corresponding receptacle were missing. Furthermore, only glass bottles had been processed on the machine until now.

The aim of the conversion was to integrate the filling system from 1995 into a new line. PET disposable bottles should be filled, which necessitated the conversion to neck handling.

The following measures and/or conversions were therefore necessary:

  • Complete conversion of the bottle guides from upright processing of the bottles to neck handling (hanging processing). To this end, all the star shafts were renewed and the previous plastic stars and plastic guides were converted into modern and easy-to-clean stainless steel guides.
  • In order to compensate for the missing infeed worm, a graduation star was developed which should bring the bottles from bottle division section to the machine division. The bottles are now transported directly from the air conveyor in the inlet starter and conveyed from there into the filler.
  • Assembly of new lifting elements made of stainless steel for a hanging processing of the bottles.
  • Completion of the system. Various assemblies and attachments were missing. These were built in new in stainless steel.
  • Integration and commissioning of machinery in the filling line provided by the customer

Newly developed modification set for Fillers with interior filling valves

Many beverage bottlers know the problem: the filling of PET bottles on older machines which were originally equipped for glass bottles is more and more difficult because the material of these bottles...

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