Experience reports from FAS Füllanlagenservice

Ideas for conversion or retrofit

Dismantling of a used filling system, complete overhaul and installation at the customer´s premises

A customer of FAS Füllanlagenservice was looking for a newer filling machine. At that time, another customer which had exactly the same type of machine still in operation with a filling capacity of 24,000 bottles per hour with an O+H Hansa M80/15Z/15KK-113 model was planning to install a completely new machine. FAS established the contact between the two customers and it came to a sale.

FAS was commissioned to dismantle the filling machine and for setting it up at the new location. The system should also be completely overhauled at the same time. As a supplementary task, additional format part kits for an extended bottle range were required.

The following measures and/or conversions were therefore necessary:

  • Dismantling, sorting and packaging of the system
  • Overhaul of all important assemblies, components and drives, replacement of all wearing parts.
  • Installation and assembly of the plant at the new customer´s premises.
  • Setting up and connecting in the existing filling line and commissioning works

Newly developed modification set for Fillers with interior filling valves

Many beverage bottlers know the problem: the filling of PET bottles on older machines which were originally equipped for glass bottles is more and more difficult because the material of these bottles...

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