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Nothing is more stable than change - this is even more true for all sectors and for consumer goods such as beverages and food. Packaging, materials or fundamental trends require alterations in manufacturing. This is not always automatically accompanied by new investments in plant engineering, rather by retrofitting as a possibility. The experts at FAS are hereby far more than just an assembly team, rather the conceptually strong partner.

Long-term experience in beverage technology enables good advice and well-founded optimisation proposals

Our own design department works with a modern 3D-CAD programme and is specialised in the further development and optimisation of beverage machines and components. We will be pleased to create proposals for improving your results. Our many years of know-how in beverage technology allows us to develop and deliver possibilities for the expansion and conversion of your plants and systems.

Operational extensions, relocations or the purchase or sale of used equipment require an implementation process i.e. the dismantling and then the function-capable assembly of plants and systems. FAS is your experienced partner from initial planning to re-commissioning.

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