When beverage equipment suddenly stands still

Fast spare parts manufacturing from FAS

Contact details and legal information

FAS Füllanlagenservice GmbH
Auweg 2
25495 Kummerfeld
Telephone +49 4101 7942-0
Fax +49 4101 7942-10
email: info[at]fas-net.de

Managing Directors: Anke Jung and Oliver Jakobitz
District Court of Pinneberg HRB 4231
Tax ID number DE 812 367 927


Web Design and Creation

Communication Agency, Hamburg
Telephone: +49 40 270945-0
Internet: www.ehrenberg360.de

Photo credits: Tilo Wabersich, Henrik Matzen, Shutterstock

drinktec 2022 - we are there!

FAS Füllanlagenservice GmbH (FAS) is one of the leading suppliers of spare parts and components for bottle and can fillers, bottle washers, and…

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