When beverage equipment suddenly stands still

Fast spare parts manufacturing from FAS

Contact details and legal information

FAS Füllanlagenservice GmbH
Auweg 2
25495 Kummerfeld
Telephone +49 4101 7942-0
Fax +49 4101 7942-10
email: info[at]fas-net.de

Managing Directors: Anke Jung and Oliver Jakobitz
District Court of Pinneberg HRB 4231
Tax ID number DE 812 367 927


Web Design and Creation

Communication Agency, Hamburg
Telephone: +49 40 270945-0
Internet: www.ehrenberg360.de

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FAS expands portfolio with EUROSTAR filling lines

In the international beverage industry, we are one of the leading suppliers of spare parts and components for bottle and can fillers, bottle washers…

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