Competent error and fault analysis as well as quicker service for

metering and electronics for impregnation systems

Dosing technology, dosing valve or also leakages in pipework are typical causes of malfunctions

The experience of FAS with plants for the manufacturing of beverages, which are mixed from several components such as for example soft drinks, alcopops or beer-mixture beverages, is extremely diverse. In the case of multi-component systems, the so-called mixers or impregnation systems, special attention is paid to the dosing as well as to the electronics - especially possible programme errors.

Other critical areas are the supply system, the pipework as well as the containers in which, among others, leakages can be a cause for a malfunction.

FAS hereby represents competent error and fault analysis as well as fast service performance, especially when it comes to spare parts or spare parts manufacturing.

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