Before your bottle washing machine becomes the

FAS takes care of servicing, maintenance and spare parts service

Regular servicing, maintenance and prudent spare parts logistics are the best prevention against wear

People who have never experienced a filling operation in action before can hardly believe their eyes when they see what speeds bottles are transported at. This also applies to the action which takes place around the bottle washer. In these systems for the gentle cleaning of reusable containers such as glass or PET bottles - while adhering to chemical and technological principles - there is a very high mechanical stress. Wear is not avoidable despite innovative technology, which means that the supply of spare parts is an imperative standard which has to be maintained.

An important service from FAS is the setting up and adjustment of the bottle washer, because it requires a lot of experience and sensitivity so that the bottles are safely guided into the machine during introduction. Every bottle which falls down would immediately trigger an automatic stop. Defective bottles, broken bottles or dirt entrainment are situations which can lead to further malfunctions and, of course, downtimes. FAS is your service partner and they are always ready to assist.

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