Experience reports from FAS Füllanlagenservice

Ideas for conversion or retrofit

Complete overhaul and modernisation of a filling system

The filler from our customer, a Hansa A120/16KK/16SV model from O+H with a filling capacity of 28,000 bottles per hour, was over 25 years old. The aim of the maintenance and conversion works was to bring the filling system up to as close as possible to the current state of the art technology. The task demanded, on the one hand, reliable assembly and maintenance services. On the other hand, ideas and design as well as manufacturing know-how for the new components. In addition, competences for modern control system technology. The following measures and/or conversions were executed:

  • Complete dismantling of the plant to prepare for rust removal and new sealing of the steel surface areas. This was partly executed by a partner company.
  • All moving parts were fitted with new bearings and drive units such as toothed gear and V-belt drives were renewed.
  • Attaching an additional suction channel in order to draw off residues which occur and suck them away from the bottles and collect them separately.
  • Replace various assemblies and components in a stainless steel version.
  • Complete installation of an automatic cleaning programme.
  • Conversion of the filling level regulating system in the machine comprising a float control system into a modern probe control system.
  • Replacement of the electric control system with a modern control system with touchscreen.

Because a large number of different bottle formats should be filled, the plant was prepared for the reception of stapling stars. Interchanging for the bottle shape parts was therefore superfluous

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